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ZenLib Namespace Reference


class  File_
class  FileB
class  FileT
class  Ztring
class  ZtringList
class  ZtringListList
class  ZtringListListF


enum  ztring_t {
  Ztring_Nothing, Ztring_Rounded = 1, Ztring_CaseSensitive = 2, Ztring_AddLastItem = 4,
  Ztring_Recursive = 8
 Options for Ztring methods. More...


int8 LittleEndian2int8 (const uint8 *List)
uint8 LittleEndian2uint8 (const uint8 *List)
int16 LittleEndian2int16 (const uint8 *List)
uint16 LittleEndian2uint16 (const uint8 *List)
int32 LittleEndian2int32 (const uint8 *List)
uint32 LittleEndian2uint32 (const uint8 *List)
int64 LittleEndian2int64 (const uint8 *List)
uint64 LittleEndian2uint64 (const uint8 *List)
int8 BigEndian2int8 (const uint8 *List)
uint8 BigEndian2uint8 (const uint8 *List)
int16 BigEndian2int16 (const uint8 *List)
uint16 BigEndian2uint16 (const uint8 *List)
int32 BigEndian2int32 (const uint8 *List)
uint32 BigEndian2uint32 (const uint8 *List)
int64 BigEndian2int64 (const uint8 *List)
uint64 BigEndian2uint64 (const uint8 *List)
int32 Float2int32 (float F, int Rounded=1)
uint32 Float2uint32 (float F, int Rounded=1)
int64 Float2int64 (float F, int Rounded=1)
uint64 Float2uint64 (float F, int Rounded=1)

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ZenLib::ztring_t

Options for Ztring methods.

Enumeration values:
Ztring_Rounded  if >.5, upper, else lower
Ztring_CaseSensitive  Case sensitive ("A" and "a" are different).
Ztring_AddLastItem  if Begin is found and End is not found, return between Begin and end of string
Ztring_Recursive  Do all strings.

Function Documentation

int16 BigEndian2int16 const uint8 *    List

int32 BigEndian2int32 const uint8 *    List

int64 BigEndian2int64 const uint8 *    List

int8 BigEndian2int8 const uint8 *    List

uint16 BigEndian2uint16 const uint8 *    List

uint32 BigEndian2uint32 const uint8 *    List

uint64 BigEndian2uint64 const uint8 *    List

uint8 BigEndian2uint8 const uint8 *    List

int32 Float2int32 float    F,
int    Rounded = 1

int64 Float2int64 float    F,
int    Rounded = 1

uint32 Float2uint32 float    F,
int    Rounded = 1

uint64 Float2uint64 float    F,
int    Rounded = 1

int16 LittleEndian2int16 const uint8 *    List

int32 LittleEndian2int32 const uint8 *    List

int64 LittleEndian2int64 const uint8 *    List

int8 LittleEndian2int8 const uint8 *    List

uint16 LittleEndian2uint16 const uint8 *    List

uint32 LittleEndian2uint32 const uint8 *    List

uint64 LittleEndian2uint64 const uint8 *    List

uint8 LittleEndian2uint8 const uint8 *    List

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